Monday, November 9, 2015

#AspiringAuthor Thoughts - Will You Please Like Me?

When I sit down to write a blog post, suddenly everything is jumbled. All these different thoughts taking me different directions and I'm supposed to some how reel them in and make them into a coherent post. Turn them into something that makes sense as it's read. You know? Sound like an author.


Being someone entirely new to social networking and writing, it's been a very scary few days. Along the way I've met a number of wonderful people that have been supportive and don't mind sharing some information and tips with the totally lost (<---that would be me).

Being not yet published makes it just a bit harder. I have nothing to show at this time. I'm a writer. I write stuff. I want said stuff to be published. And....

I want someone to like me.

Well, maybe not me in a direct sense, but you panic until someone makes your work acceptable. Someone needs to like it. You need that first 5 star review. You need that first person to tell you they loved it.

You sit in wait and watch the numbers on your blog. How many people have stopped in to view. Oh my gosh, did anyone leave a comment.

Yes, it really is like that for this new author.

You refresh your email every three minutes waiting for something - anything - sent to you.

Will the blog posts get easier? I'm sure they will (otherwise I will be gray before January). Will the emails start coming? I hope so. Will the comments show up? Maybe one day. Will that 5 star review show up? Probably. But so will the 1 star.

So, for now, when you see that newly published author or the one stressing to get their first book published - cut them a little slack, because deep down somewhere, even if they won't admit it, there's a bit of the way I'm feeling right inside them. :)


  1. then I will leave you a message to tell you that you are doing fantastic.
    Many aspiring authors do not even get half of the numbers you have on facebook and even you still have low numbers on twitter, twitter takes time and you are on the right direction.

    be yourself. then everything will come naturally if you keep interacting with people, people will come to you easily, starting to like you as a person, be intrigued to read you and finally become your best supporter.

    Best to you Payton!!

    1. Thank Mary. I've enjoyed connecting with you and our chats so much. It's been a crazy day and while I was starting dinner and making a few calls trying to help my sister, I missed our recent daily chats :)