Sunday, November 8, 2015

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Too much? lol
I'm not sure how dedicated I can be with this as I can't ever do this post in advance. However, I thought it would be fun to point out some free reads for Sunday. Keep in mind, I can't promise how ling they will be free, but they were free at the time I posted.

Now that it's winter, we don't need too much of a reason to snuggle up in a chair with a book. Right?

Do you have a book that will be free on an upcoming Sunday? Feel free to contact me with your details for a feature :) (

So, here are some that caught my eye.

Of course we have to do free erotica first. Right?

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Here is the first of the 'Wild Dreams' Series, written in the delicious and sensual style of Natalie Wild. 

Something mysterious is happening in the office above Aubrey’s. No one ever stops at Aubrey’s one room lawyer services, but a crowd of well dressed people are always making their way past her office to a special set of elevators that go up to the highest level in the building. Overcome by curiosity, Aubrey sets out to investigate. What she finds is The Playground, a lavish space specially designed to make your every fantasy come true. Aubrey doesn’t have the money to join, but a sexy stranger who goes by the name of Scar offers to sponsor her—if she’ll have her fantasies with him. Aubrey tells herself to stay focused—her arrangement with Scar is about sex and nothing more. But when Aubrey finds herself being pulled back into the catastrophic relationship with her violent ex, Kyle, she realizes that she may need Scar’s strength to help her escape. When Kyle violates the inner sanctum of The Playground, will Scar be able to forgive Aubrey for bringing chaos into his life? And when Aubrey discovers Scar’s true identity, will she be able to forgive him for the destruction that he wrought upon her and her family? 

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

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"Lindsay has signed a contract for one year to pretend to be the girlfriend of a very wealthy, very handsome, very charming, but very gay man. One stipulation is she cannot have any other relationships while with him. If she desires to have her "needs" fulfilled, there is an outlet, and what an outlet it is - Pleasure Extraordinaire! Turn up the a/c readers! You will not be disappointed." Lindaroma on Amazon. 

Michael Hawkins is mature, rich, and drop-dead sexy. He is also gay. And, for some strange reason, he wants me to be his pretend girlfriend in exchange for a big sum of money. 

He has one condition, though: I cannot get close to a man, or be seen with one during the one year I'm contracted with him. I thought it'd be a piece of cake, until I meet his two grown-up, gloriously handsome sons, who won't take no for an answer, including from me. 

I'll not fall for their cheap tricks even if it means I have to close my eyes each time I see them. And each time I close my eyes, I imagine their naked bodies doing sinful acts on mine. God help me before my physical urges get the best of me, and the contract blows up in my face. 

Book one of a four-part erotic romance series. MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! 
***Pleasure Extraordinaire - Complete Collection is now available for $6.99.***

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Sometimes your worst enemy can become your greatest love. 

Princess Murdina has suffered harshly since the death of her father. Crowned the new King, her brother proves to be heartless and cruel, even to his own sister. Driven by greed, he attempts to force her into an unwanted marriage to the sadistic Lord Cannon in order to gain more land. Determined not to become another casualty of Lord Cannon’s dark desires, Murdina flees on horseback. Cornered on the cliffs by her brother’s knights, she sees her only option as being to jump to her death. 

Much to her surprise, a dark figure arrives out of nowhere and snatches her up to take her deep into the woods. It is here that she learns that her savior is Rory of the Clan McKordia—a Highland rebel determined to take down her brother. Not only does she not expect to learn that Rory is a bear shifter, but she never expects to fall in love with him, and fight by his side. 

Get ready for intrigue, mystery, and seduction in the highlands! Oh… and be forewarned, this book is intended for mature (18+) audiences. 

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Being confronted on the beach by a sexy stranger wasn't part of Natalie Conner's plans for a peaceful morning taking photos. And why on earth would he think she's taking pictures of him, anyway? Who is he? One thing’s for sure, he’s hot, and incredibly romantic, feeding Natalie’s wounded soul. 

Luke Williams just wants the world to give him a break, so seeing yet another camera aimed at his face has him ready to pounce on the beauty behind the lens. When he finds out she has no idea who he is, he's intrigued and more than a little tempted by her. Natalie has a body made for sex, a sassy mouth and Luke can’t get enough of her, but he’s not ready to tell her who he really his. 

Natalie is a no nonsense girl who doesn’t do well with lies and secrets. What will happen to this new relationship when she discovers what Luke’s hiding?


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