Friday, November 6, 2015

New #Facebook Page and a Little Fun

I did it. I created a blog, joined twitter, joined Google +, joined facebook and created a facebook page - all within the last 24 hours. It's been an interesting process so far, but also a lot more rewarding than I'd expected. There have been a couple people offering great advice and one person that's really gone out of her way to help and make me feel like I can do this online thing. (Check Mary out here.)

Want to join me? Click the linked words to do so: Facebook - Profile - Twitter - Google +

Anyway, I'm going to try to do more with my facebook page than just toss up the links to the posts on my blog. (For the record, I"m going to try to have different content on my facebook profile as well - I mean, who wants to see the same thing 10 times over?) I'm going to share images (did I mention HOT images?) on my facebook page. I think I'm going to try to stick with a monthly theme, but we'll see how that ends up going. In any case, if you enjoy hot men, I'm hoping you'll decide to join me.

As for the blog, I'm working hard to come up with some post ideas that I'm hoping are interactive enough that you'll want to join in and maybe some weekly fun posts. Also, of course, there will be some book teasers and details.


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